Wiltshire Counselling Book List

Wiltshire Counselling Book List

Books that may help you along the way. They are only suggestions and you can look up their content on the internet to determine if they are suitable for you.


Domestic Abuse/Sexual Abuse and Rape

The Verbally abusive relationship – Patricia Evans

Controlling People – Patricia Evans

Power and Control – Sandra Horley

Stalking the Soul – Marie France-Hirigoyen

How many lies are too Many – Victoria Summit

Let’s Talk about Me – Dr Les Porter

Soul Theft – (Rape) Shahlakhan

Surviving Domestic Abuse – Ellis

How to Survive Relationships with Narcissists and Psychopaths – Sam Vakin

The No Contact Rule – Natalie Lue

Courage to Heal Rape and Sexual Violence – Ellen Bass

Oranges are Not the Only Fruit – Real Rape Real Pain – Jeanette Winterson

Run Mummy Run – Cathy Glass

The Emotionally Abusive Relationship – Beverly Engle

Disarming the Narcissist – Wendy T Behary

Psychopath Free – Peace

Narcissists Exposed – Drew Kays

Children Living with Domestic Abuse – Martin Calder

Narcissistic Lovers – Cynthia Zayn and Kevin Dibble

The Survivors Quest – Recovery after encountering Evil


Out of the Fog




Self Help/Exploration

 Who’s Pulling Your Strings – Harriet Braiker

Awareness – Anthony de Mellow

Women Who Love Too Much – Robin Norwood

The family – Martina Cole

Breaking up Blues a Guide to Survival – Dennis Cullington

Emotional Management – Russ Harris

Counselling for Toads – (transactional Analysis) Robert de Board

Dark Souls – Sara Strudwick

Self-Defeating Behaviours – Milton Cudney and Robert Hardy

The Body Remembers (PTSD) – Peter Irvine and Babette Rothschild

The Betrayal Bond – Patrick Carnes

Power Thoughts – Louise Hayes

The Journey from Abandonment to Healing – Susan Anderson

Heart Thoughts – Louise Hayes (Affirmations)

The Secret Daily Teaching – Rhonda Byrne (Affirmations)

Opening Doors Within – Eileen Caddy (Affirmations)

The Warmth from the Heart Stops Your Body from Rusting – Marie de Henzel

Depression – Dorothy Rowe

Courage to Heal – Ellen Bass

Heal Your Wounds – Lisa Bourbeau

De-Junk Your Life – Helen Foster

Hard Wiring Happiness – Rick Hansom

Self Esteem – Matthew McKay and Patrick Fanning

The Games People Play – Eric Berne MD

Ask and it is Given – Ester and Jerry Hicks

Listen to Your Body – Lisa Borbeau

The Anxiety Solution – Chloe Brotheridge

Anxiety – Panicking about Panic – Joshua Fletcher



U-Tube – Man Box – Tony Porter



Act with Love – Russ Harris

Love and Survival – Dr Jean Ornish

Re-kindling Desire – Berry and Emily MaCarthy

5 Love Languages


Bereavement – Loss and Grief

 Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens – Wolfett

On Death and Dying – Elizabeth Kubler Ross MD



Reclaim Your Family from Addiction – Craig Nakken