About counselling


Welcome to Wiltshire Counselling.

Are you trying to figure out what is going on?

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you to identify what the root causes of your pain are about.

Sometimes we can carry a lot and not know what the issues are about, or where they came from. You may feel confused or in a fog. Counselling can help to put things in place. We will explore together in a confidential setting.

Clients are not judged and are encouraged to relax and be themselves in therapy.

Those first steps coming to counselling, can often make a client feel nervous. Congratulate yourself, for being brave and perhaps wanting change in your life. 

Often, being given the space to have someone listen to you, can make all the difference.

You will have the time to explore and come to your own conclusions.

I will support you around your needs, at your pace. It is okay to have some tears.

We will work together to find the best options to help you reach more clarity, informed choices and empowerment.

I will help you on your journey, working together to explore the best options to support you.